Pool Construction Process

The Paradise Pools & Spas Pool Construction Process

Paradise Pools and Spas has been consistently recognized for the exceptional quality of our pool and spa construction. What makes this even more impressive is our ability to construct a pool in as little as 30 days with a minimum of disturbance to your property. While other pool companies leave their customers frustrated with their unreliable scheduling and handling of the construction process, Paradise Pools wants you to enjoy the process and your new swimming pool as soon as possible, and with as little inconvenience as possible. We accomplish this with clear communication, efficient organization and quality construction. Here is the Paradise Process:

Computer Generated 3D Pool Design

Consultation and Design

Our licensed home-improvement salesman will meet with you to find out your needs and discuss different options. He will guide you through designing a unique outdoor environment that is a reflection of your life style. From there we will design and generate an incredible 3-D computer generated rendering of what your home and back yard will look like. This allows you to see what your new pool or spa will look like and give you a chance to make revisions and improvements if necessary. A budget is discussed and we can guide you in finding financing with local lenders.

Front of City of Bakersfield Community Development building.


Upon approval of your design, we move forward with the engineering of the drawings and the procurement of permits.

Back yard with pool site layout.

Site Layout

Working from the Pool Design Plans we lay out markers on the proposed spot. Setting the pools elevation to work with your yard ensures proper water drainage from your pool. This is also an ideal opportunity to see the outline of the actual size, shape and location of the pool, and make any changes before the excavation begins.

A backhoe digs out a hole for pool.

Grading and Excavation

Once the layout is in place, forms are set, elevation is established and the Excavation Process begins. This includes removing grass, dirt and rock and preparing the dig site in the shape of the swimming pool for the next phase.

What to expect that day:

  • Creating access to the dig site. This could include the removal of a portion of a fence or gate to allow site access for excavation equipment.
  • Securing of pets. All pets need to be kept somewhere safe and out of the way during the excavation process.
Plumber working on the plumbing of a spa in Bakersfield.


Next our licensed plumbing and electrical teams get to work. Our plumbing team installs the main drains, water return lines and piping for the skimmer, auto fill, water filtering systems and water features.

Electrical work in the skeleton of a spa.


The electrical team installs the rough electric to efficiently run your pool and spa equipment, water feature and any lighting.

Re-bar forms the skeleton of a pool.


Reinforcing steel re-bar is wrapped and tied along the bottom, sides and top perimeter of the newly formed pool to create strength. This is what gives your pool its structural integrity.

Gunite being sprayed onto reinforced steel.


This is the stage where you really start to get a feel for the size of your new pool. Gunite, a mixture of cement and sand, is mixed with water and shot onto the reinforced steel rods under high pressure. This creates a tough inner shell. More layers of gunite are added, forming the pool’s durable structure.

Man laying rock for a Paradise Pool & Spas Custom Pool.

Tile, Rock and Masonry

Bring in the Artisans! Here is where it gets colorful and creative. Our experienced and highly-talented craftsmen will apply tile around the waterline, steps and spa. You can add mosaics, sconces, ledges and natural stone. The possibilities are endless.

Materials are so important when it comes to creating you dream pool. To help make your pool unique:

  • We purchase our rock from the Sierra Nevada’s and have it trucked in so it’s not like other local area rocks
  • We monitor quality control during installation to ensure that the work is quality and built to last.

Our masonry craftsmen take time and pride when choosing just the right location, color or shape of rock to create that perfect rock waterfall, beach entry or rock ledge.

Beautiful pool decking.


Decking is an extension to you existing home. Careful consideration needs to be taken during the design process to visually tie into your home and create the perfect pathway leading to your dream entertainment area. An unlimited variety of shapes and designs are possible. Stamped concrete, colored concrete, inlays, brick, pavers and slate are some of the possible surface materials.

Pool equipment

Equipment Installation

Pool and spa control panel, automation and wireless systems are installed and made operational.

Team of tradesmen plastering a new pool.


Plastering is the final step before adding the water. Applying the plaster requires a quick, experienced, hard-working team to smooth and blend the surface to assure a beautiful finish. The selected finish is then applied.

The pool is filled with water. Depending on the selected finish, the home owner will need to thoroughly brush the pool a couple times a day for 14 to 30 days and watch pool closely.

Man brushing a newly built and filled pool.

The Start-Up

Even though it will be extremely tempting, there will be a few things that need to be taken care of before you get to jump in and enjoy your brand new Paradise Pool. Certain chemicals in the water’s chemistry need to be balanced. Also, the plaster finish needs to be exposed and your pool cleared of any plaster dust. Once this is done we do a thorough equipment check to make sure everything is working properly. Jump on in! The water’s fine!

Pool School

First time pool owners and current owners getting high-efficiency equipment upgrades will require some pool school. Paradise Pools and Spas provide every homeowner with the necessary training on the proper usage and care of their pool and equipment. We will also have one of our reputable service companies come and service your new pool for the first month to ensure proper chemical balance and equipment operation. At the end of your one month of service, we will meet with you to answer any further questions you may have regarding the equipment and maintenance of your new Paradise Pools and Spas swimming pool.

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