Deep Swimming Pool – Featured Pool

Massive Amounts of Water

One deep swimming pool. A private oasis. Those are just two of the phrases that describe this month’s Featured Swimming Pool built by Paradise Pools and Spas.  

This beautiful swimming pool holds the equivalent water capacity of five swimming pools.  Three scuppers and two bubblers add a relaxing flowing water sound as well as adding to water circulation.  Red umbrella accents and a firepit add to this pools allure, making it a great place to escape to. 

Part of the plumbing system that makes this massive swimming pool possible.

Plumbing makes this Pool Possible.

Plumbing was paramount is order to make this deep pool possible with its large quantity of water, scuppers, bubblers, and custom spa.  As with every pool we build, a great deal of care and attention was put into the engineering and execution of this pools plumbing. To keep this pool clean with a minimum of fuss was also a priority.

See what the pool’s owner has to say about his Paradise Pools & Spas built private oasis.

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