Pool Safety for Dogs

Golden Retriever swimming in pool.

Pool Safety for Dogs

Pool safety for dogs.  Park your canine friend in front of your computer or hand them your smart phone, let them read this article, and you are all set.  No worries!  But if your furry friend hasn’t mastered the art of the written word, you might have to take the safety of your pet into your own hands.  So here are some tips and things to consider when your canine spends time lounging around your pool.

So you say your dog is a world class swimmer.  That’s great!  But the unfortunate truth is that accidents do happen.  So if you take a few precautions, your beloved pet (and the rest of your beloved family) can have a fun and safer time around the swimming pool.

Pool Fencing

We know, we know… pool fencing is offensive (see what we did there?).  But if you have young children, wildlife that frequently hanging out in your backyard or a dog that spends a lot of time poolside without supervision, you should consider having gated access to your pool (if your dog is really smart, you might want to have a keypad and code.) 

Pool Safety Covers

The next line of defense, if your dog jumps the pool fence or has easy access to the pool, is a pool cover. But it is important that is the right kind of pool cover. Get one that is designed to prevent animals from entering the pool. Make sure it made of sturdy material, has heavy duty straps and can hold your dog’s weight. Pool covers that are flimsy and float on top of the water are dangerous because dogs may think it is solid and they can walk on it. They end up falling through and getting entangled in it, which could lead to drowning.

Pool Exit Strategy

Exit strategy. This is something that every doggy dad or mom needs to figure out. How can your canine get out of the pool if they fall in? They need to be able to have their feet reach the bottom at some area of the pool. This could be the pools stairs or very shallow area. If there is not an easy way for your pet to exit, you may install a ramp or floating stairs. Once there is a way for your furry friend to get out, be sure to familiarize them with it. A pool stair or ramp has the added benefit of giving your dog a place to enjoy the water without having to swim, or as a nice place to rest if they get tired.

Three dogs in swimming pool wearing life jackets.

Doggy Life Jackets

Way more stylish and desirable than the “Cone-of-Shame”, a life jacket for Fido can save his life.  Be sure you find one that is made specifically for dogs and that it fits properly so they float upright.  Deck them out in a smart, fashionable life vest and they will know that their parents truly love them (plus, all the other dogs will be jealous.)

Pool Alarm

Be the first to know (well, second to your pet) if your dog falls into the pool with a pool alarm.  With these monitoring systems, you will be alerted if your canine tumbles into the water.  Electronic sensors detect movement in the water and sounds an alarm, letting you know that your dog has taken an unintended dip in the pool.

White dog wearing glasses at laptop computer.

Pool Safety for Dogs... Its a Wrap!

Many dogs love playing in water, bring enjoyment to themselves and their owners.  Some dogs like to watch and don’t particularly handle water well.  Either way, the best course of action is to make sure that your pet is always under supervision.  That being said, taking some or all of these safety precautions can bring you peace of mind for your pets’ safety, making poolside play with your pet all the more fun.  

And if you are a dog and you made it all the way through this article, we are VERY impressed!  Have fun and be safe!

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