Year-Round Family Fun – Featured Pool

A Pool Built for All-Year Enjoyment

This month’s featured pool was built with year-round family fun in mind.  Paradise Pools & Spas worked with the owner to create this outdoor living space that allows for fun and relaxation any time of day, any season.

A water wall with a built-in rain curtain gives the kids a great place to jump into the pool’s deep end.  The rain curtain also provides a soothing ambient sound when family members are looking for a quiet place to escape.  Zoned pool and spa lighting allows for a variety of lighting effects to add to the mood.

Dual Water heaters for fast heating spa.

Multiple Spa Water Heaters

To make this pool a four-season wonder, the spa has a dedicated, two water heater system that lets it heat up quickly in colder temperatures.  Joel Chrisco engineered the plumbing systems to make it convenient and fun to use any time of the year.

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